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Dive Centers Sulawesi / Indonesia

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Subregions with Dive Centers Sulawesi

Bira    Donggala
Gorontalo    Luwuk
Makassar    Manado
Pulau Banggai    Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga
Pulau Bunaken    Pulau Lembeh
Pulau Selayar    Pulau Siladen
Pulisan    Sangihe Islands
Togian Islands    Tukang Besi Islands

Dive Centers Sulawesi

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Sanctum Una Una Dive Resort / Pulau Una Una
Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort / Liang Beach
Aqua Diving Center Gorontalo / Gorontalo
Wakatobi Hoga Dive Resort / Pulau Hoga
Wasage Divers / Bau-Bau
Bunaken Island Resort / Pulau Bunaken
Bira Dive Camp / Bira
Nomad Divers / Pulau Bangka
Patuno Resort Wakatobi / Wangi-Wangi
Tomia Dive Center / Tomia
Bangka Lagoon / Pulau Bangka
Lembeh Scuba / Bitung
Wasage Divers / Bau-Bau (Pulau Buton)
South Sulawesi Divers / Bira
Gangga Island Resort / Manado
Kadidiri Paradise / Pulau Kadidiri
Selayar Dive Resort / Selayar
Bunaken SeaGarden Resort / Bunaken Island
Blue Bay Divers Bangka Sahaung / Manado
Makawidey Dive & Resort / Bitung
Lembeh Hills Resort / Bitung
Panorama Resort / Bunaken
Fly Fish Divers / Pulau Bangka
NAD Lembeh Resort / Bitung
Eco Divers Kima Bajo / Manado
Tasik Divers Manado / Manado
Barracuda Diving Resort / Manado
Wakatobi Dive Resort / Pulau Tomia
Walea Dive Resort / Ampana
Island Retreat Dive Center / Bomba
Black Marlin Dive Centre / Gorontalo
Samurindra / Pulau Bunaken
Selayar Island Resort / Baloyia Selayar Beach
Black Sand Dive Retreat / Bitung
Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort / Manado
Amatoa Dive Center / Bira
Miguel's Diving / Gorontalo
Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort & Dive Center / Likupang District
Mimpi Indah Resort / Manado
Bastianos Lembeh Diving Resort / Manado
Bunaken Divers (Sea Breeze Resort) / Manado
La Rascasse Dive Resort / Manado
Murex Dive Resort / Manado
Euro Divers Manado / Manado
Daniels Homestay Immanuel Divers / Pulau Bunaken
Odyssea Divers / Manado
Two Fish Divers / Manado
Kasawari Lembeh Resort / Bitung
Bunaken Village Divers / Bunaken
Minahasa Divers / Mokupa
Two Fish Divers Lembeh / Manado
Ocean Star Dive Resort / Manado
Lumbalumba Diving / Manado
Murex Dive Center Bangka / Pulau Bangka
Prince John Dive Resort / Dongala
Sulawesi Dive Quest Lembeh / Bitung
Froggies Divers / Manado
Kikisi Tumora Beach Resort / Biaro
Nusantara Diving Centre / Manado
Bastianos Resort & Diving Center / Manado
M.C. Divebunaken / Bunaken Island
Makassar Diving Center / Pulau Kapoposang
Minahasa Lagoon Dive Center / Manado
Blue Banter Dive Center / Manado
Divers Lodge Lembeh / Bitung
Eco Divers Kungkungan / Bitung
Siladen Resort & Spa / Pulau Siladen, Manado
Kikisi Nature Resort / Manado
Dive Center Thalassa / Manado
Manado Seagarden Adventures / Manado
Manado Dive / Manado
Aquanaut Manado / Manado
Sulawesi Dive Quest / Manado
Lembeh Divers / Bitung
Marlin Dive Centre / Makassar
Living Colours Diving / Manado
Celebes Divers / Manado
Eco Divers Manado / Manado
Scubana Diver / Pulau Bunaken
79 Dive Centers Sulawesi / Indonesia

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Tauchbasen Sulawesi

Amira - diving and liveaboard indonesia

Kusu Island Resort - Tauchen in Halmahera / Indonesien